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Move past Excuses and move Forward

Here are just some of the excuses we hear… Do any of these sound like you ?

“I don’t have a dance partner.”

You are welcome to come to the classes or events on your own, Everyone is welcome Singles or Couples. We are a very friendly group of people & we get many people who attend our classes on their own.  We get a very good ratio of men to ladies at our classes. Looking for a dance partner ? Read this

“My Partner doesn't (or won’t) dance."

A lot of dancers are, or have been, in the same boat. Convince your "significant other" to come and watch the first class. They will either get bored and tell you to come on your own or they’ll see how much fun everyone is having and join in. A lot of our couples make a night out of it and go to the Pub or a restaurant after the classes.   Trying to get the Men in your life to dance ? Have them read this

“I can’t dance.”  or   “I have two left feet.”

Dance is the simplest and most natural form of exercise. It is basically walking to music. What most people mean by this is “I am afraid of making a fool of myself.” In dance classes that is impossible because everyone is making mistakes right along side of you - everyone is learning. The others really don't care what is going on with your feet, they are concentrating on their own! Our Dance classes are taught in such an easy, step by step way that even if you feel you are uncoordinated, dance is the easiest way to free up your body and get moving.

“I don't have the confidence to come to a class.”

You have taken the first step (No pun intended) by visiting this site. You looked for information on Dance classes, that took confidence. Our classes are very casual and fun. Dancing gives you confidence. Come along and we’ll show you.  

“I don’t know if I’m going to like dancing.”

Beginners “Step 1” classes are only £6 per person, per class ~ Pay as you go. You pay each week when you arrive. There are no course fees and no forms to fill out. So it's easy to come along and give it a try. Much less expensive and much more fun then going to the gym ! If you really don’t like the class we’ll refund your money.

“I don't learn easily”  or  “I hated School...”

Don't worry, everyone is nervous when they try something new for the first time. You didn't learn your ABC's or learn to walk overnight. The same is true for dancing. Every person who has started something new feels nervous to varying degrees. Our instructors are very patient & friendly and won't let you get behind or embarrass you. In our Absolute Beginners classes all we assume is that you can walk through the door....

All of our classes are a lot of fun, and when you are having fun you are relaxed and can take in the information and learn more quickly. You are learning and don’t even realise it.

"I'll start doing classes when I’ve lost some weight."

If you want to lose weight, Dancing will do it no problem and it’s social too.

"I'm too old to learn."

Our classes and events attract a very wide range of ages, sizes, shapes and personalities. The one thing in common with everyone, is that they are all friendly and want to dance - and that's all that matters. We have young adults still in school through to mature dancers who are retired. Everyone is welcomed by our instructors and students alike. Age certainly does not limit ability or enthusiasm.

"I'm a woman and I constantly try to lead.  It just won't work !"

Many men will let you lead. My bet is that your really saying you don't want to follow.  Maybe that's because you don't really understand the whole lead & follow idea. Following is not about being passive or taking orders or being subservient. Lead & follow is about dividing up the responsibilities of a partnership and keeping to the part that is yours. Following is easy, why would you want to lead, too?  

Read about the Art of Following here

“I don't have Dance shoes.”

You don't need special dance shoes to start dancing. Wear something comfortable.  Most men and women wear leather soled shoes which are good. Ladies usually prefer something with a slight heel, which is fine if you are used to them. A shoe with a fairly thin sole and an enclosed toe is best.  

“I don't have anything to wear....”

Most people wear smart casual clothing to the classes. Something you can move your limbs in easily. Trousers are fine for Ladies.

“I don’t have time.”

You have time to watch CSI:Miami or Coronation Street etc. It’s not that you don’t have time, you just haven’t made yourself a priority. Still think you don’t have time ? Read this

I prefer sports.”

Dance training is a different approach to improving muscle efficiency and to learning to use all the muscles used in walking, running or jumping. Dance develops a way of moving the entire body in ways no other sport does. The athlete can learn new ways to go full out using each movement to reach their goal. Just look at some of the athletes who took part in Strictly such as: Mark Ramprakash, Denise Lewis & Darren Gough.

I am recovering from an injury.”

If you can walk, dance will help to free up your joints and make your body happy enough to want more. And more movement of the whole body builds capillaries that bring oxygen to those hurt places.

Research suggests that dancing the Waltz is ideal therapy to help regain Cardiac Function. Read More Here

"I am not good enough yet to go to a social dance,  I'll make a fool of myself."

How?  Who do you think will judge you?  This isn't 'Strictly', it's Social dancing. At any social dance you'll find struggling beginners all the way up to really fine experienced dancers, who were beginners at one time too.  Every last one of them will encourage you. Everyone is out for a fun evening.  You have taken the time to learn to dance so get out and practice and use what you have learned. You will feel so much better for doing so.  Next Social Dances

"I have a cold / Flu."

OK.  Fine,  I'll give you this one. If you go out dancing while contagious then everybody could get sick. Stay home tonight and come dancing next week or when it’s gone.

"I am going to be doing other people's income taxes this year, so I may not be able to attend classes until the rush is over."  

Sigh....  You'd think he'd WANT to take a break, wouldn't you?

OK, so we’ve convinced you and you’re now wondering what to do next.

Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Find a Class (or Classes) that sound Interesting & Put them on your calendar
  2. Tell All your friends
  3. Print off your own Handout of the New classes here. Give one to your friends.
  4. Visit our Newsletter page to get your Free Copy of the news.
  5. Come along and have a great time.