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If you are looking for fun activities to keep your Teens active Dance is a Fantastic way to get them off the couch or away from the computer !  We’ll help them find their Dance Groove

(Don’t tell them it’s good for them and teaches them a life long skill… and they’ll gain confidence……..)

For details of our weekly social dance classes by location, click on the Town Buttons below:

 Malvern . Pershore. Worcester. Tewkesbury.

For more details of our evening group Dance classes and Dance Events by Day of the week. Press the Buttons below:

Tuesdays. Mondays. Fridays. Thursdays. Wednesdays.

New to dancing ? 

A bit nervous? Don’t be.  Our fun, friendly & positive instructors,  will get you moving around the floor with confidence in a very short time.  No need to sign up just come along to the first week.   Try it out.

Wondering what to expect ?

Beginners  “Step 1 “ dance classes are only £6 per person, per class, and you just pay each week. You don’t need to sign up, you can just come along. You are under no obligation. All of our classes are one FULL hour in length.


Our Qualified & patient staff will demonstrate the dance and then show you the steps in a very clear & concise way.  Allowing you time to absorb the information and put it into practice.  All our classes are lead by Qualified and Experienced teachers, both Male and Female  ~  (Very important when you are learning to dance.)


A great Family night out or you are welcome to come with or without a friend. Everyone welcome ages 13+  (if in doubt phone us)

We get a wide age range at our classes and we have a super range of modern music with pitch control so that we can adjust the tempo to suit each classes ability.

Trying to figure out what Dance style to choose ?

‘Dance at 8’ gives you the widest variety of  dance styles to choose from.

Some prefer Ballroom because of it’s Classy feel, others like the exciting Latin Rhythms. The choice is yours, but don’t be put off because you may have a preconceived notion that Ballroom is boring and/or difficult. (You haven’t tried OUR Ballroom!  It’s not the Style your Granny used to dance !)

Some think Latin and Argentine Tango styles are fast and complicated, but they are Not.  We make all the dance styles EASY!


If you are new to dancing any of our classes that have the word ‘Beginner’ in the title are suitable for you.

Wondering what to wear ?

Casual clothing is fine, something you can move your limbs in easily.  Most teens wear smart casual clothing to the classes.   Jeans are fine too.


For shoes:  Something comfortable.  Most guys wear leather soled shoes, which are good. The Girls usually prefer flats or something with a slight heel, which is fine if you are used to them. A shoe with a fairly thin sole and an enclosed toe is best.  No Flip flops or very strappy sandals as they don't give you any support and you will spend the whole time trying to keep them on your feet.       

Phone us on 01905 427511. Phone Read more of our FAQ. Press Here for Full class listing. Get our Free Newsletter. See all the other benefits of Dance.

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