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        I’m no featherweight and a bit of a rogue, so it surprised my wife when I first suggested learning to dance.

         We started classes with 'Dance at 8' about three years ago after seeing the 1st series of “Strictly.” I was very apprehensive and self conscious to start with but the friendly atmosphere and fun approach means you can’t help but enjoy it, we loved it and learnt loads.

         After a very long year off we recently re-started classes with the Argentine Tango, we’ve done it before but Paul has taught virtually all new steps or variations which is great because when added to what we already know it makes a great routine.

        My wife still takes great pleasure in getting Paul to “show Rob the steps” which is code for getting Paul to dance with me, the trouble is (although funny to watch) it usually sorts me out. Unlike “Strictly’s” Darren Gough the original ‘Mans Man’, my enthusiasm somewhat outweighs my ability, however pleasure and enjoyment is very much unlimited.

      My wife and I recently went to a local dance, when the Argentine Tango was announced we took the floor and started our routine. After just a few steps we realized no one else was on the floor and we had become the “Main Attraction” with forty or so pairs of eyes watching our every move. This was a strange but very exhilarating feeling and by the applause that followed it seemed to please the audience.

      You don’t have to be a ‘Man's Man’ to dance but it just might help !  

Dancing is good for the mind as well as the body and can actually boost your self confidence.

Thank you 'Dance at 8' !

                                                                                Rob & Jenny Garwood-Gowers ~ Worcester

Guys, See what dancing can do for you!

A ‘Mans Man’s’ Love of Dance
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