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 New to dancing ? 

A bit nervous? Don’t be.  Our friendly, positive and Fun style of teaching will get you moving around the floor with confidence in a very short time.  No need to sign up just come along to the first  week.

 Wondering what to expect ?

Beginners “Step 1” classes are only £6 per person, per class, and you just pay each week. As you progress our “Step 2” Classes are £7. You don’t need to sign up for the classes, you can just come along. All of our classes are

one FULL hour in length.


Our Qualified & patient instructor will demonstrate the dance and then show you the steps in a very clear & concise way.  Allowing you time to absorb the information and put it into practice.  All our classes are lead by Qualified and Experienced teachers, both Male and Female  ~  (This is Very important when you are learning to dance.) We are well known for our Quality Teaching.


After the explanation of  the men’s & ladies steps and the walk through you will then dance with your partner. Simple as that.


We do not change dance partners during the classes. The vast majority of people who come to our classes and contact us do not like to change partners. If a couple have made the decision to go out, learn something new and spend some time together, they want to do just that. Dance together.

You are welcome to come on your own, Everyone welcome Singles or Couples.  We are a very friendly group of people & we get many people who attend our classes on their own. (And recently we have had an over abundance of  Men (of all ages) asking where the lady dancers are... ) No one sits on the sidelines.

We have a super range of modern music with pitch control so that we can adjust the tempo to suit each classes ability.


Our classes normally run for 6 weeks in length.  In that time we concentrate on only one or two dance styles (as advertised).  This allows you to really focus on that particular dance. Many places that teach Ballroom & Latin group them all together and in 1 hour you will do ‘10 minutes of one style, 10 minutes of another......’ And when your done you can’t remember any of it. This is wasting your money.

With Dance at 8’s method of teaching you get a very solid routine in just 6 weeks which you will feel confident dancing socially.

Trying to figure out what Dance style to choose ?

 ‘Dance at 8’ gives you the widest variety of  dance styles to choose from.

Some people prefer Ballroom because of it’s Classy feel, others like the exciting Latin Rhythms. The choice is yours, but don’t be put off because you may have a preconceived notion that Ballroom is boring and/or difficult. (You haven’t tried OUR Ballroom!  It’s not the Style your Granny used to dance ! )


Some people think Latin and Argentine Tango are fast and complicated. But they are Not.  We make all the dance styles EASY!


If you are new to dancing any of our classes that have the word ‘Beginner’ in the title will be good for you.


We rotate all of our different dance styles to our various venues in Worcestershire & Gloucestershire so that everyone has a chance to try all of the styles. Our dance class venues in:  Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern, Pershore & Bredon (near Tewkesbury) are not too far from each other and many people travel to the other venues for our classes with our Dance tutors. Although, if you see a class at a location near you that looks interesting, take it while you can, because we do so many different dance styles it may be a while before it returns to that venue.


Wondering what to wear ?

 Smart casual clothing is fine, something you can move your limbs in easily. Trousers are fine for Ladies.  Most people wear smart casual clothing to the classes.   


For shoes:  Something comfortable.  Most men and women wear leather soled shoes, which are good. Ladies usually prefer something with a slight heel, which is fine if you are used to them. A shoe with a fairly thin sole and an enclosed toe is best.  No Flip flops or very strappy sandals as they don't give you any support and you will spend the whole night trying to keep them on your feet.     For More answers to your questions see our FAQ page

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Do you want to learn to dance and have Fun at the same time?

With ‘Dance at 8’ you can learn a wide variety of dance styles at our dance studios in:

    Droitwich, Worcester, Malvern, Pershore & Tewkesbury.  UK

Rest assured you will be taught by a very Experienced & Qualified Dance professional.

Tewkesbury. Droitwich.