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No time to dance?...  Read this

A remarkably productive and effective woman we know loves to dance: It made her feel good, it made her healthy. She used to be, even in her own humble estimation, a pretty good dancer. But a compelling and consuming job pulled her in another direction, nibbling away at her fee time until one day she was surprised to discover ... That her opportunities to dance had been gobbled up completely by her work.

Month after month, she'd tried to wriggle out from under her growing commitments, but finally her once robust idea of joining a dance class had grown so faint that it had become only an anaemic reminder of someone she used to be. She wanted to dance, she needed to dance, she would dance again.... later. In the meantime, that important part of her lay fallow, atrophied from disuse.

This might have been a sad story, but it's not. The woman's boss happened to be walking by her office on an afternoon not long ago, peeked in and was struck by what he saw: a tiny, lovely woman (our friend) awash in a sea of paper. Paper cascading off the desk, onto her lap, her chair, great piles of paper carpeting the floor. And the boss looked at all the paper and then looked at our friend lost and adrift in it and he kindly, did not say, "What the heck is going on here and I hope you know what you're doing," but instead, "Your work will get done, but there won't likely ever be any less of it. I thought you said you were going to make time for yourself and dance. What are you waiting for?"

And then it happened: A Class here, a Class there. Our friend felt as if she was given permission to make her needs, her first priority. That's what she was waiting for: Permission.  Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to do what will make you live more fully and healthfully? Are you waiting for a crisis at work or a scary diagnosis or a first hand look at disaster before you choose to take that dance class?

Absent the encouraging boss, what might the conditions be that would make for change, that would blast you out of the waiting game and into living the very best of your life?

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for before you'll take care of yourself? Too often we make our own well being a low priority, figuring we'll pay attention - after the bills are paid off, the kids needs are met, and things settle down at work but our bodies demand attention now ! They won't take an IOU on nutrition and exercise ....

If you wait for the perfect moment, the moment will pass you by - You have to make the time for your. Do it NOW!

See our ‘Calendar’ page and choose a class today.  Put it on your calendar.

Everyone welcome, With or without a dance partner

What are you waiting for ?

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult -                                 

                                                                             Seneca, ancient philosopher

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