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Why just Sway or do the ‘Wedding Waddle’ when you can Dance !!!

‘Dance at 8’ Choreographers will be able to teach you to dance and make you both feel relaxed and confident when you step on to the dance floor for your First Dance!

“We just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting us ready for our 1st dance. We practised loads the week before and it paid off !

Our guests were very surprised and really enjoyed it. We hope to carry on and learn some more dances with you soon.”                              

 Kind regards Hannah & Justin

Private lessons can also be arranged for other special events such as Dance Cruises or Holidays

‘Dance at 8’ ~

Where people Love to dance

Wedding / First Dance 
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Can you teach me to dance for my wedding ?

      Yes, but try to leave yourselves plenty of time. (4-6 months is good).  If you leave yourselves time you can sample our classes in various dance styles to see which one you enjoy best. Many couples are now doing something different for their First Dance / Wedding dance. You may like to consider Argentine Tango, Salsa, Jive or  Rumba and surprise everyone instead of the typical Wedding Waltz.  It's Your day do what You want.

By learning to dance sooner rather than later you will be more relaxed and it's one less thing to worry about on your special day.  We recommend starting with our group classes as soon as possible.  

We aren't very confident, can you help us ??

    Of course. We are very experienced and patient, helping couples who have little or no dance experience. We will choreograph a dance routine that makes you look good on the dance floor and on your Special Day.

What do we have to wear  ?

    The Bride should wear anything comfortable that doesn't restrict movement initially.  She will need to wear shoes similar to her wedding shoes for at least one of the later lessons. If she will be wearing a long skirt it would be wise to have a skirt of the same fullness. This prevents any surprises on the day.

     The Groom should wear a dress shoe or something similar to what he will be wearing on the day.

How soon do we need to learn?

   The sooner the better. 4-6 months before the date. Leave yourself plenty of time.  

All  One to  One Private Lessons are arranged by telephone only. They do book up Very Quickly.  Private lesson spaces are at a premium and we prefer you to have gained some dance experience at our classes before you arrange private tuition. Our classes are taught to a very high standard by highly qualified & experienced dance teachers.  

If you would like to discuss One to One Private tuition for your wedding dance choreography phone us on 01905 427511

Looking for a great  Wedding Venue ?

See Deer Park Weddings

For more details phone

 01905 427511

See our Wedding Dance Music Page Here.