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      We often get phone calls & emails from both ladies and men looking for a dance partner and wanting us to     supply them with one ....

We hold many Social Dances and Practice sessions throughout the year which include: Ballroom. Latin American, Argentine Tango, Jive etc.. We include all of these styles. We do not hold 'One Style only events' (ie: just Tango, or just Jive) as we teach many styles and do not want anyone to be left out.  The combined events are also a chance for others to see new styles. All classes and events are advertised that you do not need to bring a partner. This is an opportunity for everyone,  (Not just those who currently come to 'Dance at 8' classes) to Get out, Socialise and Dance.

The following letter is a good example of this. It was featured in a past newsletter and on our website:

    "I really enjoyed the practice dance - such a good thing to put on. So often there are classes but people are still too shy or unsure to go to a 'real' dance. And you were right- there were at least three gentlemen on their own who were glad of a dance!   Looking forward to the next event."                                                                                                                                   Regards, Laura - Ledbury

Every 'Dance at 8' class is led by Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers - Both Male and Female. At some of

our classes we have as many as 4 teachers and helpers that dance with people - no one sits on the sidelines. We will readily put people together at our classes but sorry we do not supply partners.

The age old story for most dance businesses around the world is that there are never enough men to dance with. Did you know, that some dance schools will not take singles? We often have phone calls from people who have gone through the Yellow Pages asking about classes, but when Dance schools find they don't have a partner, The school does not want to know them. We feel this is a terrible waste of enthusiasm for something that can be so beneficial to all.  We do not take this narrow approach. Everyone is welcome at our classes and events.

Our popular ‘Dance at 8’ classes do get a very high ratio of men to ladies (One of the highest in the industry) - but on occasion we do get an imbalance.  We cannot guarantee who will attend on the night, for example, at one of our recent classes we had 5 extra Men!    

Last summer at a class we have 3 extra men. Each one was a good/enthusiastic dancer.  Tracey was tired by the end of the class dancing with each of them. (But it was good exercise!) Every one of them asked me where all the ladies were!  

At a recent practice session we had a very nice, young guy on his own looking for a dance partner and he asked me where all the single lady dancers were tonight .... So ladies if you are looking for a partner,  don't complain ~ Show up.  

From the ladies point of view, to try to solve the problem of not having enough men to dance with at our Big Dances we have:

We are open to your suggestions. Please email or phone us. 01905 427511

The other option we have is to have everyone change partners throughout the class. However, the vast majority of people who come to our classes and contact us do not like to change partners. If a couple have made the decision to go out, learn something new and spend some time together, they want to do just that. Dance together, not with everyone else in the room. Many of our telephone enquiries start with "Do you make people change partners?"  The answer is No.

What I do know is:

We find it so frustrating getting calls & emails where both Men and Ladies are looking for dance partners but they are not doing anything about it.

My advice is, if you want to dance, just Go out and Do it !  Have fun at it. People like to be around those having Fun !  

Go for a casual, 'No strings attached‘ approach.

It's a dance, Nothing else. It's socialising, exercise and a good night out. It's not a lifetime commitment.

Ask yourself: Have you taken all the necessary steps to find yourself a dance partner?

Here are some additional dance partner contacts:  

Note: Remember not to give away information such as phone number or address etc.. I would suggest setting up a separate Hotmail or Yahoo account just for this. You could arrange to meet at one of our classes/events.  (Neutral ground, among friends) 

Other suggestions:   Dance Sport Partner       Dance Partner    Senior Dance Partners

Many people have found partners at our classes. (Both ‘Dance’ partners & ‘Life’ partners). But while we cannot guarantee who will attend on the night -  Everyone is welcome at our ‘Dance at 8’ Classes and Dance events.  Where possible, we will put you together, but I am sorry, we cannot supply dance partners.  

Unfortunately we do not have a magic wand to make an even number of partners appear. It's up to you to show up.    

See you soon!

Looking for a dance partner ?