How much do the group Dance classes cost?              
     Classes are 1 full hour.  Beginners “Step 1” classes are £6 per person, per class ~ Pay as you go. You pay each week when you arrive. ‘Dance at 8’ classes are led by a Very Experienced & Qualified Instructor. There are no course fees and no forms to fill out. So it's easy to come along and give it a try! Much less expensive and much more fun then going to the gym !
     If you have danced before and really want to add Steps and Style to your dance routines we have introduced “Step 2” Variations classes which are £7. Per person. And our occasional Workshops are £8 an hour with our own Knowledgeable, Qualified Professional Dance Champion and Coach Paul Pritchard with over 40 years dance experience.(He started dancing Very young… : )
Can I come on my own?     
    Yes: It doesn't matter if you come with a partner or not. Everyone is welcome!  We are a very friendly  community and dance group.

Do I need to sign up?
     No, Just come along to the first class. Maps located on the Directions Page

I really want to attend, but I am feeling nervous about going on my own...
     Don't worry,  Every person who has started something new has probably felt this to some degree. Our instructors are very friendly and won't let you get behind or embarrass you. All the people at our classes and events have the same goal - they want to have fun and learn to dance ... just like you. In our Absolute Beginners classes all we assume is that you can walk through the door.... All of our classes are a lot of fun, and when you are having fun you are relaxed and can take in the information and learn more quickly.

Do you make people change partners throughout the class?
     No.  Many of our telephone enquiries start with "Do you make people change partners?"  The answer is No. The vast majority of people who come to our classes and contact us do not like to change partners. If a couple have made the decision to go out, learn something new and spend some time together, they want to do just that. Dance together, not with everyone else in the room.            
If you are looking for a dance partner see our Partner page  (Note: You do not need to come with a partner. Everyone welcome Single or Couples)

What happens if I miss a week?
     We always go over what we did the previous week for those who have had to miss a week and as a refresher for those who may have forgotten so don’t worry.

I am a Teenager can I attend the Adult classes?
      Yes,  You will feel very comfortable in our classes for adults. Many families attend our classes as a fun and healthy social event.

Am I too old?
    No,  Our classes and events attract a very wide range of ages, sizes and personalities. The one thing in common with everyone is that they are all friendly and want to dance - and that's all that matters. We have young adults still in school through to mature dancers who are retired. Everyone is welcomed by our instructors and students alike. Age is certainly no limit to ability or enthusiasm.

What should I wear on my feet?
     Something comfortable, Lots of men and women wear leather soled shoes, which are good. Ladies usually prefer something with a slight heel, which is fine if you are used to them. A fairly thin soled with an enclosed toe area is good for beginners…..  No Flip flops or very strappy sandals as they don't offer any support and you will spend the whole night trying to keep them on your feet.

What clothes should I wear to the classes?
     Smart casual, Something you can move your limbs in easily. Trousers are fine for Ladies.

Do I need to bring anything?
     A sense of humour, Because you will have a really great time! Guaranteed.

I really want to learn a style that is offered at another location.
     Don't worry, We rotate the different dance styles to our various venues so that everyone has a chance at all of the styles. Our dance studios in: Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern,  Pershore & Bredon are not too far from each other and many people travel to the other venues.

For the classes do I have to pay for parking?
     All venues have FREE parking.

Are the Instructors Qualified to teach dance?
     Yes,  I am qualified with The IDTA. My entertaining, friendly and extremely positive teaching style is supportive, clear & concise. Making learning to dance Fun !  ‘Dance at 8’ ~ Where the Experience Counts!

Do I Need Dance Shoes?    Where can I buy Dance Shoes?
     You don't need to have 'proper' dance shoes to enjoy dancing although if you are really enjoying your dancing and want to continue you will be amazed at the support dance shoes offer.
The best place to buy dance shoes is LaDanse in Worcester, LaDanse offers a wide range of shoe styles and offer expert fitting which is very important. Located in the Hop Market - Across from McDonalds in Worcester.  3 The Hop Market, Foregate Street, Worcester WR1 1DL Phone 01905 27541   Tell them 'Dance at 8' sent you !

Do classes continue throughout the year?
     Yes, Classes continue through all seasons Winter, spring, summer & autumn and during School Holiday times as well. (Unless mentioned in the Newsletter or on the Website)  So you can enjoy dancing and gain the benefits throughout the year. We even offer a few fun ‘Seasonal dance styles’ too. Details in our newsletter so make sure you sign up for it !  See newsletter sign up page

I’ve done a beginners class before, is it worth me attending another one?
    Yes. There are so many basic steps to learn in each dance and will teach different combinations & steps in a variety of different ways. You will always being learning something new. We also teach technique throughout all of our classes - Even beginners classes. Many places do not....

Where can I buy Dance Music to practice to?
     Lazatrax, Phone Tony on 01564 779267 Tell them 'Dance at 8' sent you. For more music details see our Dance Club Music Page

Can you teach me to dance for my wedding?
      Yes, But try to leave yourselves plenty of time. (4-6 months is good). If you leave yourselves time you can sample our classes in various dance styles to see which one you enjoy best. Many couples are now doing something different for their First Dance / Wedding dance. You may like to consider Salsa, Jive or Argentine Tango and surprise everyone, instead of the typical Wedding Waltz.  It's your day do what you want. By learning to dance sooner rather than later you will be more relaxed and it's one less thing to worry about on your special day.

What happens at a Dance Night / Practice Session?
     A Dance night / Practice session is just that, a chance to practice those steps you may have recently learned in a class, brush up on steps you forgot how to do, or just a good night out dancing. There is no tuition on the night but several of our teachers are on hand if you have forgotten how to do a step, or have any questions.
Everyone is welcome regardless of where you currently dance. At all our Events we use Unique, Top quality Sound and Music including: Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Jive, Argentine Tango, Milonga and more!  (We don't do sequence dancing...) All Levels of dancers are welcome Singles or Couples.  No need to sign up  (Pay at the door). You are welcome to bring your own refreshments.  See our Special events page for information. A warm welcome for everyone !
Do you offer Personal Tuition?  
Yes,  One to One Private Dance tuition is arranged by telephone only by one of our Very Experienced / Qualified Instructor. If you would like to arrange Personal Tuition please phone us on 01386 556 665. They do book up Very Quickly.
Do you do Gift Vouchers?    
     Yes, If you want to surprise your "other half" or Stuck for a gift for the "person or couple who have everything" give a gift that's different, useful, enjoyable and healthy -  a voucher for Dance Lessons or Private Tuition. A Great Birthday / Valentines Day / Christmas / Anniversary surprise for someone special. You can purchase any number of lessons for someone else and present it to them as a gift voucher. For more information give us a call 01386556 665  or see our Gift Voucher Page

Mr and Mrs Lamb received a Gift Voucher last year:
‘Our daughter could not think of a Christmas Gift for us and knowing that we liked dancing found "Dance at 8" on the Internet. She gave us 8 lessons in "Ballroom For Beginners" at Pershore which we both thoroughly enjoyed and although having danced together in our own style since we were teenagers we learned a lot, bearing in mind that we celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary this year. We then continued the next course ... Hot Cha Cha!  We are currently learning the Argentine Tango and enjoying it thoroughly’ ~  C & M Lamb   

Trust 'Dance at 8' to give you the Most Styles and the Most Fun !
Still have questions? Give us a call 01905 427511

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